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Get festive this spooky season with our Halloween 6 pack. Includes 2 black, 2 orange, and 2 glow in the dark Hip Clips. Happy Halloween!

Just Sip, Clip, and GO!

  • Hip Clip on golf bag

    Handy and Versatile

    Hip Clip’s ingenious design lets you secure your beverage to your waistband, pocket, bag and tons of other places. We’ve even attached it to workbenches, buildings, and boats utilizing the pre-drilled pinhole.

  • Mother and child using Hip Clip

    Family Focused Design

    Kids love picking their own color and parents love being able to manage multiple drinks while still knowing, “whose is whose”.

  • Man hiking with Hip Clip

    Stay Hydrated and Hands Free

    Whether you're hiking, biking, or enjoying a beverage at a cookout, Hip Clip frees up your hands to use your electronics, tend the grill, throw a high-five, and a million other things.   

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to unclip my bottle to drink from it?

While you can do this, the Hip Clip was designed to remain on a bottle until you are ready to discard (or preferably recycle) it. The Hip Clip can even be used as a handle to make drinking even easier!

Can I run while using a Hip Clip?

Yes, you should! The angled design of the Hip Clip helps keep it secure in whatever position you place it, so even while running, your bottle should remain at your side – just don't forget to put the cap on!

Can I bring my Hip Clip to an amusement park or concert?

Yes, we encourage you to do so! The Hip Clip is made entirely from plastic with no sharp edges, so it should be allowed most anywhere. If you are concerned, double-check with the venue of the event you are attending.

Which bottles will the Hip Clip fit?

The Hip Clip's patented design allows it to fit on nearly all standard drink bottles, including most plastic water and soda bottles, as well as glass beer bottles. The Hip Clip does not fit large neck bottles like Gatorade.

What are the Hip Clip's dimensions?

The long section of the Hip Clip is approximately 4.38" tall, and 1.88" wide at the top tapering to 1" at the bottom.

The top part where the bottle clips is 1.88" wide and 2.5" deep. The diameter of the opening is ~1".

Does Hip Clip ship outside of the US?

Hip Clip does not ship outside the US. Sign up for our mailing list to be the first to find out if this changes.

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